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We are a family-oriented company with a team of individuals, all possessing diverse experiences and backgrounds. We value high quality developments and most importantly, creating places we, too, would want to live, work or play. We devote passion and expertise to every project and welcome new opportunities, questions about your own property, valuations, inquiries about buying/selling property, development ideas, municipal projects and more...We are always seeking new and interesting developments to develop or collaborate on. We work efficiently and with honesty and integrity on all our endeavors and make no distinction whether our client or partner is an individual, a family, an estate, small business, municipality or a large corporation...we pour passion into every project. 

Between time spent driving properties, off-roading to check construction, meeting residents, clients and neighbors, our team can be found in Bloomington watching the Hoosiers, bonding over a large firepit, fishing, seeking out a local diner or debating over the Cardinals versus the Cubs (house divided!).  Our door is open...Just reach out to us below or stop by our offices at Chatham Hills anytime.


The Chatham House

20298 Tomlinson Road

Westfield, IN 46074

Take US-31 to W 191st; N on Tomlinson Rd.

Email Us: Click Here
Tel: 317.439.8803 

or 317.836.8019 (Chatham Hills)

8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Monday - Friday

(or by appointment)


12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Saturday & Sunday

(or by appointment)

STEVE HENKE - development team

Developer of The Bridgewater Club and numerous noteworth developments in Indiana. Attorney for over 40 years who brings incredible vision, project management and expertise to every project. Born/raised in Holland, IN, a town of 500 in Southern Indiana and is an Indiana University graduate. Enjoys fishing and playing on bulldozers with his grandson, Jack, in his free time.

ELIZABETH ("BETSY") HENKE GARFIELD - development/finances/acquisitions

After working in Investment Banking for J.P. MORGAN in New York and Chicago, Betsy joined Steve (also her father) and together started Henke Development Group to pursue unique projects. She brings both her financial background and artistic side to helping develop plans, marketing, branding, social media and events. She enjoys jogging (often can be found on the trails through Chatham), yoga and time with family, her husband Jeff and son, Jack. 

BRAD HENKE - development team/brokerage

Upon graduation from Indiana University, where Brad played D-I baseball for the Hoosiers, he joined his family and now handles the sales and brokerage for Chatham Hills and commercial developments for Henke Development. His dedication and time committed to each client is exceptional. In between tours and work, Brad can be found at sporting events, playing sports (basektball, baseball & golf) or biking with his fiancee, Jenny. 

DOUG FLEENOR - development team/brokerage

Doug Fleenor joined Henke Development Group after working in various successful roles in sales throughout Indiana and Chicago. He was a critical member of the development team and leading operations in the Inaugural Season of Grand Park Sports Complex, which Henke Development Group developed for The City of Westfield. He handles sales and brokerage for Chatham Hills, construction management and commercial project.  He is responsbile for numerous new transactions and developments for the company. Doug is a graduate of Indiana University, where he played D-I Baseball for the Hoosiers and was Big Ten / All-American player for pitching. He enjoys working out, traveling and  a good relaxing evening with his wife, Helena and family from Richmond, IN. 

KAREN FANNING, ADMINISTRATIVE ASST. - we couldn't do it without her.

Karen is the heart of Henke Development Group and Chatham Hills -- she brings over 40 years of professional sales and customer-driven experience to the team, with an extensive background working for Estee Lauder Cosmetics.  (She is a Butler University grad but happily supports the Hoosiers as both her children attended IU.)  She handles all communication and coordination behind the scenes and events. Although small in size, her kindness and smile radiate an entire room. In her free time, she can be found at water aerobics, the lake or playing with her granddaughter. 

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