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Our Services

Creating unique lifestyles and opportunities

Providing creative solutions for land owners, investors, and developers to real estate challenges. 


Focused efforts to identify, acquire, finance, develop and operate quality real estate. 

Experienced brokers of lifestyle properties. 

Real Estate Advisory


Development & Acquisitions

Development & Acquisition

 Henke Development Group principals hold expertise in coordinating all development, planning, construction, membership or sales, marketing, advisory, operations and communication between all related parties, architectural compliance, development of infrastructure, zoning, building and negotiating contracts for construction and disposal, ground leasing or pad sales for commercial and residential properties, as well as life science properties, healthcare, governmental assets and other related products. 


  • Vacant Land

  • General Residential

  • Multi-Family Residential 

  • Master-Planned Communities

  • Mixed-Use Developments

  • Commercial

    • Retail, Office, Medical, Restaurants, Service Stations, etc.

  • Healthcare

  • Senior Living Facilities 

  • Industrial

  • Special Purpose

    • Sports

    • Grand Park Development & Real Estate 

  • Public-private partnerships​


  • Land planning

  • Pre-development layout and design

  • Development execution

  • Municipal procedures/zoning

  • Capital formation

  • Best-use analysis/Layout optimization

  • Cost management

  • Operations

  • Contracting

  • Project management

  • Asset repositioning

  • Marketing and Dispositions

  • Estate property management

  • Public property management & development​

Real Estate Advisory

Henke Development assists in the development process by supplying the people, capital, and expertise necessary to entitle, develop, expand, or reconfigure real estate assets in a broad spectrum of situations. 

Advisory clients have included (or presently include) municipalities, private developers and development firms, individuals, families, estates, investors, universities and others, as noted at right.


Landowners or affiliates, from experienced real estate professionals to individuals or families with property or others not experienced with the process, the task of maximizing value and retaining as much of that value as possible can be daunting. Landowners can avoid diluting their interests by engaging Henke Development to assist them in securing entitlements, subdividing and selling parcels, constructing improvements, and providing appropriate debt and equity for the projects in order to maximizing their property value. 


Many investors hold assets that have excess land or are underutilized in some other way. Henke Development can assist investors in capitalizing on these features to maximize value through the addition of improvements or the spin-off of assets in the most profitable ways


For developers, Henke Development Group can bring expertise and capital to support a developer’s effort to execute any part of the development process. This assistance allows a developer to focus on the parts of the development process that most effectively utilize its skills and time while outsourcing to Henke Development the task of executing other elements, such as the procurement of equity and debt capital, advisory services and execution

Henke Development has created, expanded, and/or operated numerous enterprises in the areas of real estate finance, investment management, and development on behalf of well-known public and private companies as well as for themselves. Henke Development strives to utilize the lessons learned from these experiences to devise tailor-made solutions that address the needs of its clients in the most cost-effective and efficient way. The team will generally perform all actions internally. However, some situations may require the specialized skills of other highly qualified professionals, such as engineers, land planners, and architects. In these instances, Henke Development has routinely worked with such professionals and will effectively communicate the client’s needs to them. Henke Development acts on behalf of its client to engage these specialists, direct their activities, monitor their work product, and integrate the results into the overall effort to create value.

Real Estate

Henke Development Group has developed successful methods to identify, acquire, develop, manage and sell investment real estate for itself and affiliated entities, as well as on behalf of others. Henke Development brings this expertise to investors as an advisor or as a principal.  As appropriate, the Company may invest its capital or the capital of its principals alongside the capital of its clients. The company has product expertise in office, residential, industrial, apartment, and retail investments as well as in several specialty segments, including undeveloped land, lifestyle communities, master-planned developments and senior living. 

Development Partnerships

Investor Groups

Public Private Partnerships

  Henke Development Group may partner with clients interested in selling property but are unsure of how to execute all stages of the development and sale process. By forming a partnership, both parties can greatly benefit by allowing sufficient time to develop and properly market the property without requiring significant up-front capital.  All properties will be thoroughly analyzed before Henke Development proposes a partnership option; this option may not apply to every case and is at the discretion of Henke Development. Henke Development will complete thorough due diligence before engaging in a partnership this option may not apply to all properties.

Programs may be core, value-added, or opportunistic, with the construct of the program depending on the client tolerance for risk and requirements for income and capital gain. Product type, size, diversification, debt restrictions, desired yield characteristics, and market conditions are key considerations in building an investment plan for each investor. Once the plan is approved, Henke Development Group executes it on behalf of the investor. Implementation can be discretionary or non-discretionary, as the client chooses. 

 Henke Development Group has worked with public entities to provide capital formation and investment guidance, as a part of the overall development process.  Experienced methods for identifying and helping to manage or secure outside funds have aided clients in the past with their development plans. 


We have many properties available throughout Indiana in locations with high traffic, demand and demographics. We serve as the developer to the City of Westfield for the Grand Park sports complex and can assist with any interest one may have in the project or surrounding real estate available for sale.  We are actively selling properties at The Club at Chatham Hills, our new residential golf course community, as homes have begun construction.

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